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4D Workshop does not Start anymore . . .

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  • 4D Workshop does not Start anymore . . .

    I bought the ULCD SK-32PTU 4D Touch Screen. Downloaded Workshop4 IDE. Used Environment ViSi genie, project simple button and led, everything worked fine !
    After a few weeks I wanted to continue my project.
    First I had to Enable WorkshopUpdater.exe in my Firewall, I did, assuming that after that the program would start ...
    It did NOT, I got the message: produkt tampering do not try this again ... Workshop4 Program did not execute.
    UN-Installed everything related to 4D systems Workshop, manually removed forgotten maps.
    Downloaded the newest Workshop4 and Installed it !
    However, I get the same message; produkt tampering do not try this again, Workshop4 does not execute.
    The big Joke is, I don't know WHAT triggered the message, WHY the trigger occured is, I enabled WorkshopUpdater.exe in Firewall.
    Windows 7 SP1 64bit Professional, Anti-Virus NORTON.

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    I have read the Topic Security Warning! and the solution in Registry Keys. I will try that first.
    To Technical Suppurt: Ask the guy that implemented the message in Workshop4, the programmer, HE knows WHY that message is given !


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      The message is issued for the reason stated.

      It wasn't you that tampered with it, it was Windows update. Unfortunately we can't expect MS to fix a bug that's been lurking there 'forever', so was changed to avoid the bug.


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        Delete the Registry Keys [entire maps] HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software \4DLabs\ Workshop \ Terminal \ Updates \ ( Windows START button; Run; regedit )
        UAC and Anti-Virus OFF! Reboot.
        Install Workshop4 42016b did the Job !

        Workshop 4 is Able to Start Again ! Happy End.

        Thanks for Reply mr. ESPsupport 4D Staff.


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          To Avoid a Big mistake .....
          Delete ONLY the maps RELATED TO 4D systems

          Do NOT Delete the \Software\ map or Higher.