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String objects disappearing when writing to, then switching forms. Using a uC host.

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    Hi David

    Thanks for the video.

    Ok so it writes the first string, and seems to lock up the comms on the photon after that, as the 2nd string isnt written, and when you change form and come back again, the first is dead.
    So the display is fine, but the photon appears not to be.

    My only guess is that there is something in the genieArduino library which the photon is not liking and is hanging up on.
    There are some debug things in the genieArduino library which you could uncomment and see if you can get it to output anything meaningful.

    Another option is to print some things to your Terminal.
    I guess Serial0 for you is writing to USB terminal like normal, and Serial1 is where you have the display?

    Could you add a Serial.print("I'm Here"); type statement in your loop or in a delayed loop, just to proove that the Photon is still running and isnt locked up? Display obviously isnt as you can still change form with the button which triggers it internally.

    Another thing could be the baud rate. I have no idea if 115200 on the photon is actually 115200. Have you looked at the comms on a scope? Maybe try a few other baud rates, starting at 9600 (on BOTH devices) and see if that gets anything going. If the Photon and the Display are not within a certain % of each other, then the comms will error out. Typically devices are within an acceptable margin of each other, but it depends on their clock and what else they are doing.

    Have you tried doing any other things, other than writing strings?
    like, have you placed a CoolGauge and tried writing numbers to that?
    Or have you tried running the demo that ships with the library?
    Just curious if you have had any success at all, or if this is the first attempt, with strings?



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      And I guess the next step after the above, is to connect your 4D Programming Cable or adaptor up in parallel to the Photon and see what its sending out.
      Example, put GND from the Programming cable to GND of the Photon, connect RX of the Programming cable to the TX of the Photon, and then open a serial terminal session on the Programming cables COM port, and reset the photon and see what is being sent. Do the same for the RX of the Photon to the RX of the Programming cable, and see what is being received.
      This might give you a hint as to if the Photon is sending over and over, or if it only sends once and then stops. It will also show if the Display is sending a reply or not.

      But do the tests above first, try 9600 baud etc.



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        Any further follow up on this thread, specifically related to ESP8266 based boards. I seem to have replicated the issue between strings blacking out on form changes. Youtube video helped diagnose.

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