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  • uUSB to program uController

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone had luck programming picaxe, or other uP's for that matter, with the 4D Micro USB adapter?

    Basically, we want to use the uUSB to program the picaxe, and once programmed use the same connection to send/receive data to/from the picaxe.

    We're using a picaxe-08m. Currently we have Tx/Rx from the uUSB connected to the picaxe via the standard 10k/22k programming resistor network. I know the uUSB spits out TTL RS232, so the 22k may have to be a lower value - something we're yet to try.

    We'd also be keen on doing similar things with Cublocs, PICs, AVRs, etc...

    If anyone's had any success, I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.



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    Not exactly the correct answer for this forum but the picaxe people now have a USB cable available for their chips


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      It would appear, from looking at examples of the PICAXE download circuit, that the PICAXE only requires Tx and Rx signals. The PICAXE serial in (Rx) is pulled down to GND with a 10K resistor and a series 22K current limiting resistor is also shown on the serial in line.

      The uUSB-MB5 and uUSB-CE5 are both 0-3.3V TTL logic, so you really don't need the current limiting resistor. 22K is recommended for RS-232 (-10V - +10V as in PC serial port using a serial cable) and 1K is recommended for 0-5V TTL logic devices (MAX232 type level shift circuits).

      The only questions you have to ask yourself are:

      1. Do I want to mount the bridge on a breadboard, use a USB-MiniB cable and have all of the serial signals (DTR, RTX, CTS, etc) in addition to Rx and Tx available for use in other projects? If yes, buy the uUSB-MB5.

      2. I don't need to breadboard mount the bridge, I want to be able to use any USB-A port or extension cable, I only need the basic serial signals plus 5V and Gnd and I would like to save a few bucks. If yes, buy the uUSB-CE5 with its unique card-edge USB connector. Also, the uUSB-CE5 uses the newer FTDI chip which will probably make finding drivers for nearly any platform easier.

      Having made your decision above, you only have two more questions to answer.... How many do I think I'll need to buy and where can I find a good reliable distributor to purchase from?

      Good luck,

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