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SOMO-II suddenly overheating

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  • SOMO-II suddenly overheating

    I've built a project that uses a SOMO-II for sound. I finished the project about 2 weeks ago and everything was working fine, but this morning I noticed that the sounds files stopped playing after a few seconds and the SOMO-II CPU is overheating. It never did this before. It's getting 5V directly from a LiPo charge/boost converter. I have not not changed any wiring and already examined all the components for shorts or extraneous solder or metal. Any suggestions?

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    Which chip are you calling the CPU, the little one or the big one?

    Are you sure the charge/boost converter is no exceeding 5v?

    Pretty much all you can do is replace the SOMO, but it sure would help to figure out why it is overheating



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      The big one. I've also noticed that when I tried to change its power source to the 3.3V pin of my Teensy 3.1, the SOMO seems to draw so much power that the Teensy stops working, but resumes when I disconnect the SOMO again. The first thing I did when this started was to check the output of the charge/boost converter. It's only been installed for 10 days and think it should last a bit longer than that, for the price. I have a request in to Mouser for a replacement. We'll see what happens.

      Thanks, Ray


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        Mouser replaced the defective SOMO-II unit. No hassle at all. I've already received it and put it into the application. Great company.