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Looking for graphics from movie Red Planet

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  • Looking for graphics from movie Red Planet

    Does anyone remember this movie from about 2000 with Val Kilmer? At the end of the moive he was trying to get off of the planet via a Russian space craft. He had to access its computer and it had an LCD screen. Checking the batteries a bear in a space suit popped on the screen smiling and giving the thumbs up. But changed to it now slightly bend over and crying with tears.

    Does anyone happen to know where I might find either a jpg or short video clips of both states? figured that it would add a nice touch to my project. At the end there is a PASS or FAIL for the test it runs.


    UPDATE: After a few searches I found the bear with the thumbs up. My search foo sucks. Still need some help finding a jpg of the crying bear.
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    Looks like my forum foo is weak too. Tried to cancel or say never mind I found what I was looking for in the title but would not let me edit it. Anyway I have my Russian bear crying and with the thumbs up too.

    Thanks for looking