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    Hi Mark.
    I dont know Genie Magic, where i can find it?

    The sample of PWM it was made on ​VISI or DESIGNER Environment? Right?

    Can i made the same code on VISI GENIE?

    Best Regards


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      The sample project works ​well, please see it here: ​



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        Hi Manuel,

        The PWM example was created in ViSi, since it involves the use of objects (the sliders and the LED digits). You could do it in Designer as well, but you would need to create and design the objects using the Graphics Composer. In ViSi you simply add the objects to the WYSIWYG area and paste the code to the code editor and start developing.

        The ViSi-Genie environment is a codeless environment as you may already know. You design your project by adding objects to the WYSIWYG area. You then define the properties and actions or events of the objects using the object inspector. The ViSi-Genie environment is relatively easy use as compared to Designer, ViSi, or Serial. There are limits to what you can do in ViSi-Genie however.

        Genie Magic is an extension to ViSi-Genie that requires Workshop PRO to function. It is still ViSi-Genie but you can now add "magic objects" to your project. The magic objects are essentially 4DGL code snippets that you insert in to your project to give it extra functionality. Genie Magic is documented in section 6 of the ViSi-Genie Reference Manual:

        You can get started with Genie Magic by reading the manual and trying out the examples in Workshop (Go to the File menu, choose Samples, then ViSi-Genie Magic(Picaso/Diablo)). You can also read relevant application notes (Go to , choose "genie-magic" under the sub-category column, then click search).

        After getting acquainted with 4DGL, ViSi, and Genie Magic, I'm sure that you will have no problem integrating or porting ViSi projects to ViSi-Genie(Genie Magic) if you really need to.

        Here is a Genie-Magic codebase example with PWM,

        4D-CD-00030 ViSi-Genie Magic Color Picker