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  • Use of microSD card

    4D currently supplies a 4 GB microSD card. The uLCD-35DT datasheet states: The DIABLO16 Processor also supports high capacity HC memory cards (4GB and above). The available capacity of SD-HC cards varies according to the way the card is partitioned and the commands used to access it.
    The FAT partition is always first (if it exists) and can be up to the maximum size permitted by FAT16. Windows 7 will format FAT16 up to 4GB. Windows XP will format FAT16 up to 2GB and the Windows XP command prompt will format FAT16 up to 4GB.
    I know there is a description of the various uses of the microSD card, but I cannot find it. Please provide the link.

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    One of the documents says something like "The μLCD-35DT supports micro-SD memory cards via the on-board micro-SD connector. This provides the user with expandable memory space suitable for all multimedia file retrieval, such as images, animations and videoclips, as well as datalogging applications."

    So, pretty much limited by what you want to do with it


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      When 4D sold the 2 GB uSD card, it all made sense: 1 partition formatted FAT16 to maximum size for FAT16. Where can I find documentation on the rest of the story using uSD cards greater than 2 GB?


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        Hello SJF

        FAT16 can be handled up to 4GB. When you use our RMPET tool, which is in the tools menu of Workshop4, it has some information on the side of it. Anything more then 4GB you need to use as RAW, as FAT16 cannot handle more than 4GB. Our display modules are not capable of using FAT32 due to limited resources, so 4GB is the max FAT16 size.
        When you use RAW there are other functions which can utilise that space, which you can read about in the Internal Functions documentation for the processor in question you are working with. In your case, Diablo16.

        This Appnote might also help you:



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          THNX. This is what I was looking for.