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Where is the documentation for hwo to connect to Raspberry pi or Bealgebone

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  • Where is the documentation for hwo to connect to Raspberry pi or Bealgebone

    Hi I have a 28PTU-Pi display and I connect it with my Beaglebone but don't know how to start it or fire a program.

    I found this which shows how to connect to a raspberry pi but what do I do if i want to use the display for the Beaglebone?

    Where is the documentation that explains how you connect the display to the board, I couldn't find it anywhere on the webpage?

    Any help?

    BTW I plug it in via USB which opens the splash page but nothing after.

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    HI Baxter,

    Looking at the link and the display module you currently have (uLCD-28PTU) are two different display modules. The link which shows the 4DPI-24-HAT is a display module designed to be used as a primary display module for the Raspberry Pi. On the other the uLCD-28PTU, which you currently have, is a display module that has capabilities of its own. Its not possible to use the uLCD-28PTU the same way as the 4DPi-HAT-24.

    Communication can be done between the uLCD-28PTU and the Beaglebone through USB-TTL converters which would require coding for the BeagleBone side.

    Just in case, please correct me if I misunderstood your post.




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      Baxter, is what you are wanting, a primary display for the beaglebone black?
      If it is, then you wanted to get a 4DCAPE-43T or a 4DCAPE-70T, not a uLCD-28PTU-PI.
      If you want to program an interface and have it communicate to the BBB, then sure, the 28PTU display can do it, but the -PI part just makes the 28PTU a kit to plug on top of the Raspberry Pi, it is not going to help you for the BBB at all.

      If you can explain what you are trying to do, then we may be able to help you achieve it. Let us know what it is.



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        Thanks for the replies!

        Yes, I have a 28PTU and I want it to communicate with the BBB. There for I plugged the display into the USB port of the BBB.

        Now the splash screen comes up, however, I have no idea what to do to control it from the BBB, for instance iI want to get the calculator to run on it (this one here

        Are there any tutorial or instructions to what kind of coding I have to do on the BBB in order to achieve this?