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My 4DPi-32 screen does not work on my Pi B+ ?

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  • My 4DPi-32 screen does not work on my Pi B+ ?

    Hello everyone,

    As I do not find anything on the forum (maybe it's because i don't search efficiently ), it seems i am the first one having a problem with a 4DPi-32 an a Pi B+.
    On my Pi, I have installed raspbian (the kernel version is 3.18.9+)
    I have followed the instructions in the user manual to install the 4DPi driver (dl kernel4dpi_1.3-3_pi1.deb file and installing it using dpkg -i)
    There is no error message.
    When I reboot, nothing appear on the screen, it stays black.

    On the forum, I've seen that the 4dpi screen is mapped to the /dev/fb1 (the /dev/fb0 corresponds to the hdmi output). I do not have the file on my /dev directory !

    I've tryed to load the 4dpi module (sudo modprobe 4dpi) but it does nothing !

    What ca I do, or in which direction should I search to make my screen work ?

    Thanks for your answer


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    Hi Westcoast,

    First of all before doing the following process please make sure that the display module is disconnected from your raspberry pi. Also, please check that the jumper is properly inserted. It is located at the backside of the 4DPi-32 display module.

    On a fresh copy of a Raspberry Pi compatible linux distribution. Please do the following.

    dpkg -i kernel4dpi_1.3-3_pi1.deb

    Afterwards, please shutdown your RPi and then connect the 4DPi-32.
    The device should boot straight to the desktop (depending on the linux image used).

    If you still encounter problems. Please retrieve the boot log through the use of dmesg command and post it here.

    Thank you.


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      Hello Bryan,

      Thank you for your answer but, I've don everything you told me ... without any effect.

      So I will find in attachment the boot log file.

      Thanks for your help
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        Hello Bryan,

        A last message to inform that I solve my problem !

        I just upgrade udev (sudo apt-get upgrade udev) and now it works !!

        Thanks a lot for your help