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  • It is DONE!!

    I just want to appologize for being a pain in the Neck. Ya, right, that's were it was, the neck. I have learned alot from you guys (James, Doff, and Sysmon). And yet there is still so much more. And I suspect you from me a few things. One of you even suggested that I go and read some from a few other sites. Problem I have seen from those other sites is some of the complicated stuff that it takes to do this. Just is not there or explained. Example is the stacked "memcpy". No where did I see them do two or more stacked memcpy were you have to keep adding up the number of bytes that have gone before into the new array. But with the last bit of help I got, I got it at last. Well, well enough to get the job done.

    Ok, the project is not totally completed. Got a few loose ends to tidy up. Make a few changes that I hope are realitively simple. But all in all, it is all down hill from here. And I have you guys to thank. This stuff is neat and I could not have done it without you guys. I am going to have to get one of these displays for myself and connect it to my Micro or even get a Mega. I do have a Pi, maybe I will have to interface it with the Pi. And then there is some interest if I could scale it or use a voltage converter for marrying up 5V devices with the 3V I/O pins.

    A heart felt thanks.

    Paul in Missouri, USA

    P.S. will drop a WS4 file and Sketch when a bit more done. Still going to try to use a small relay from D11 with dry contacts across the reset button. Might need to add a R/C to hold in relay for a bit longer to get a clean reset.
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