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Serial communication startup problem

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  • Serial communication startup problem

    Hi, Dear All,

    I'm using uLCD-43PT-Pi with Raspberry Pi B+.
    I put two digits and a ten-key on the display by Genie software,
    to display and set the temperature data.
    I send/read the hex data to/from the uLCD-43PT-Pi to display/read the data.

    The python script will start automatically at the time of startup of the RasPi.
    But the display doesn't show the temperature data sent by RasPi (just showing initial number, 0.000) (return "15").
    If I push the ten-key several times, the communication will be worked and the temperature data will be displayed properly (return "06").

    I'd like to display the temperature data on the uLCD-43PT-Pi without any action (push button).
    How can I solve this startup problem of the serial communication?

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    Are you sending the data before the Display is ready to receive it? (try inserting a delay at the start of the script to test this)

    Is the Pi sending stuff to the serial port 'all on its own' that is causing the display to get out of sync?


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      Dear Mark,

      Thank you for your quick reply.
      I revised the file, /boot/cmdline on RasPi.
      Soon after that modification, the initial serial communication problem reduced but frequently occurred, but by rebooting the RasPi over 10 times, the problem has been fixed.

      I deeply appreciate your help,
      Best Regards,