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Writing Image to onboard uSD with media_WriteByte

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  • Writing Image to onboard uSD with media_WriteByte

    In the GoldeloxBigDemo (for arduino) it shows how to display an image to the screen using a char array, looping through each byte at a time and doing DisplaySerial.write(byte)

    Is it possible therefore, in exactly the same way, to loop through the same image byte array and write it to the onboard uSD card? I'd like to write it to uSD then use Display.media_Image() to draw it on screen you see

    Apart from taking a long time it doesn't seem to be working. I get a timeout error even when I try to set the timeout to 10 mins.

    Is this crazy/possible - or is there a better way of doing this?

    Help very much appreciated!!!

    P.S - I'm using a uLCD-144-G2 btw (which is great)

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    You will need to include a header on the data, as described in Q3 here

    Other than that it should just work.

    Where and how are you getting this timeout?