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4D-CD-00046 ViSi-Genie Magic Custom Gauges using Predefined Images

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  • 4D-CD-00046 ViSi-Genie Magic Custom Gauges using Predefined Images

    This codebase example demonstrates how an external host interacts with a custom gauge object on the display module. A display module loaded with a ViSi-Genie program follows the Genie Standard Protocol when it sends and receives messages to and from an external host. The protocol utilizes only a handful of commands and is simple and easy to implement. This codebase example demonstrates the use of some of these commands when interacting with a custom gauge object.

    Part I (Optional) : Use ImageMagick to generate the frames for the custom gauge.

    Part II : Main Part


    1. Download the attached zip file to a folder on your computer.
    2. Extract the contents to the same folder or a new sub-folder.
    3. Double click on the ReadMe.html file.
    4. For full functionality of the HMTL application, you may need to enable JavaScript in your web browser (if not already enabled). The attached HTML application was tested on the following browsers:

    Google Chrome Version 44.0
    Internet Explorer Version 11.0
    Mozilla Firefox Version 40.0

    Note: File attachment is around 19 MB.