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Security Tampering Detected - Do not use 4D Systems products again?

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  • Security Tampering Detected - Do not use 4D Systems products again?


    I can no longer start Workshop 4. I'm welcomed -sort of- by an error message: Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-11-08 16-15-42 Capture.jpg
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    Windows 8.1 with all patches installed

    None of the Workshop Problems ( and SECURITY WARNING ( threads gives clues on how to solve my problem.

    I haven't signed for the PRO trial.

    If this message is part of a protection mechanism, needless to say I'm not happy at all to be considered as a non-authorised user and be admonished accordingly. I find this message really unpleasant when I just want to use the free Workshop 4 version.

    Be careful no one interprets the "Do not do this again!" as "Do not use 4D Systems products again!". Please fix this issue and revise your protection policy and mechanism.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry to hear of your problems with the security warning.

    The issue in the two posts you found was caused by a "major Windows update" being installed.

    This was fixed by, but to realize this fix, must be run at least once before the "major Windows update".

    Does this help you understand what occurred to cause this message?

    I will send you some more information by email to help us collect some information to try and understand how this occurred and to solve it for you