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Deliver Software without ScriptC

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  • ESPsupport
    You could generate the files from your code temporarily and call scriptc to copy them.

    Other than that you can contact support from the home page with a view to signing an NDA to gain access to the information to use use your own code.

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  • BlackMizi
    started a topic Deliver Software without ScriptC

    Deliver Software without ScriptC

    Dear Sirs,

    we need to deliver our software, so that our customer can install the modules by himself.
    We need to prevent this action without he has payed us.

    Our idea for copy protection is to install the product from our installer without storing the data to the harddisk, where our customer can copy the binary files for further installations.

    Is there a documentation of the "how to" install bin files to display without using scriptc.exe from our own c# or c++ code?

    Its very important for our business. Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards
    Kai Neugebauer
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