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Having trouble with demo program.

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  • Having trouble with demo program.


    I am having no success in getting the demo to work.
    The arduino (Leonardo) code compiles, and uploads. The display (43PT) seems to work ok. I have tried lowering the baud rate of both to 56000, still nothing.
    The only thing I can get to happen is both of the reset switches will work, resetting both the arduino and display.

    One other issue I am having is that if I plug the display programming cable into the shield then workshop cannot find the display, but this is not really a problem.

    Can anyone please help?


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    Hello Bob

    Arduino Leonardo (as per Arduino website uses Serial1 class to access the serial port connected to pins 0 and 1, not Serial (or Serial0 as its referred to), so you need to change the demo accordingly to use Serial1 instead.

    Also, if you have the Leonardo connected to the Display, then of course you will not be able to program the display, as the comms will be talking to the Leonardo on that same serial port and will cause a conflict. You need to disconnect the Display to be able to program it, else you have to use the other serial port on the display (COM1 instead of COM0) by changing the setting inside Workshop4, and then connect the 5 way header with individual pins up to the correct pins on the displays 30 way header to access the COM1 port. You can then program over COM0 on the 10 way header as you do now, and it wont be disturbed by communications going on between COM1 of the display and the Leonardo (ie the demo running and the comms that has).

    Please refer to the Sticky post at the top of this section, it has some useful things in there which may help.

    However the issue you have is no doubt related to using Serial instead of Serial1.

    I hope that helps



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      Thank you very much James. Working fine now. I am a complete newb when it comes to arduino.
      Looking forward to using your displays in our products.