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it is possible to drive a visi project with a Arduino?

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  • it is possible to drive a visi project with a Arduino?

    it is possible to drive a Visi project with a Arduino?
    Oled 160 G2 via serial communication.....

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    Is there nobody who can help me!!!


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      Hello pvdbos

      Please be aware of timezone differences. You posted on Saturday at 5:30am in the morning, and then again at 12:27am on Sunday. We work office hours Monday to Friday, but often reply during the weekend but not always. We are based in Australia, so please just be mindful of that.

      Yes it is possible to drive a ViSi project from Arduino.
      You can create the graphics in ViSi and load the GCI and DAT onto your microSD card, and then call them using the Serial environment and use Serial commands.
      Or, you can just create a ViSi project, and write your 4DGL code and invent your own Serial protocol and then get your Arduino to talk to it.

      There is no 'predefined' ViSi protocol for the Arduino, as its fully up to you to define and do what you want with.
      If you want to use our Serial command set then you need to do like I said first, create the graphics in ViSi, and then call them as you require them using Serial. Serial command set is basically the full 4DGL command set, just call via a host (Arduino).

      See this Appnote:

      I hope that helps



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        James thanx for replay to my.
        but the people that also vised this form can also replay to my questions or is that not possible?


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          Of course, but don't expect it after just a few hours of you posting your question.