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4DPi-24-HAT: Will it Work With 26 pin Headered Pis?

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  • 4DPi-24-HAT: Will it Work With 26 pin Headered Pis?

    I have a couple of the early Pi units both A and B the boards without the mounting holes. I can find a use for these and this Display HAT if I they will work together. Looking at the connector pin-out the only connections above pin 26 are grounds, the EEPROM and some unused GPIOs

    I recall they moved/rearranged a couple of header pins and the RCA connector is in the way (but it could go). If this HAT can be fitted to the 26pins will the thing work OK on the really old Pi's?

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    The Early Pi A/B units have 26 pins yes, and the later ones have 40 pins. All the 4DPi's we ship now are 40 pin units, and we are no longer making the 26 pin versions. We did use to sell 26 pin versions of the 3.2" and 3.5"

    You can use the newer ones for the older Pi's, but you cannot directly plug them on, due to things like the RCA connector as you mentioned already.
    If you were to get a ribbon cable, you could connect them together.
    You would then just install the software for the 4DPi we supply, and you can then edit the config.txt file in the /boot/ folder, and un-comment one of the lines which forces the Pi to output to the 4DPi, rather than relying on the EEPROM to tell it the 4DPi is present or not. One of our engineers tested this and it works fine.

    The 26 pins are the same on the 40 pin, its just the 40 pin has 14 extras which were not on the 26 pin header.

    I hope that helps