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the format of the image

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  • the format of the image

    I want to use u128-g2 to display images which was in the SDcard, but I need to use workshop 4 to compile images to SDcard.
    Can anyone tell me after compile the code to SDcard,what kind of format of image would be?

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    Basically the .GCI files are copied to the card one after the other with each one starting on the next sector boundary.

    You can use the size of the .GCI files in the project folder to work out exactly where the next one starts.

    You could use SCRIPTC to read the total sectors off the card and into a new file that can be used as the basis for cloning.

    Or you could use SCRIPTC to build a script to copy the .GCI files one at a time to their position on the card

    See the sample scripts in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\SCRIPTS\PC folder


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      thank you . I need some time to study that.