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  • 4dlcd-ft843

    I have purchased a 4DLCD-FT843. But cannot get FTDI EVE Screen Editor to work. It keeps throwing an error.

    'Unable to locate the required export file in the installation directory'

    Not sure what this means or why its throwing the error. Would really like some guidance on how to get started with the display. Are there any example code for ARDUINO? Where do I go for support?

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    It would appear that some part of the installation has failed.

    I think you would be better off asking in the FTDI forum, as they are supposed to be supplying all support for this chip.


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      I have bought 4DLCD FT843 and Arduino Display Adaptor Module (ADAM). I tried the arduino, adam and ft843 lcd with sample code below, and lcd works well:

      But i want to use the Workshop Ide 4 for lcd preparing contents and programming. When i click the comms tab in Workshop 4 Ide, it says "device is not responding". Is there any way to use that Workshop 4 ide for 4DLCD FT843 ? I couldnt see 4DLCD FT843 option in LCD library of Workshop 4 Ide. If not any software like Workshop 4 Ide, would you advice me; is there only way to 4dlcd FT843 programming manuel with code ?

      My connection is only Arduino UNO + ADAM + 4DLCD FT843.

      Best regards,