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What does Report Message on forms do ?

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  • What does Report Message on forms do ?


    So I put a create a Report Message event for Forms in the Object Inspector.

    What exactly does that do?

    When I open the GTX and click on the Form I get

    Set Form Value 13:44:28.677 [01 0A 0B 00 00 00]
    ACK 13:44:28.759 [06]

    But nothing else. Accordingly, the genieeventHandler from the Raspberry Pi Library doesn't report anything either.

    I was under the impression I get a different response, for example when I create a Report Message event for a button the respone looks like this:

    Form Value 13:45:05.174 [05 0A 00 00 06 09]
    UserButton Change 13:45:37.353 [07 21 07 00 00 21]

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    Only 'inputs' generate events.

    A form is an 'output'.

    An input can have several events, these are 'cascaded' from one object to the next.

    So if a button has 'ActivateForm' as an event and the form has 'ReportMessage' as an event, then clicking the button, will activate the form and send a report message.

    'Commanding' things from GTX will not create events.