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Workshop 4 does not work with the new Windows 10

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  • Workshop 4 does not work with the new Windows 10

    Message; "Security Tampering Detected, Do not do this again."
    Lee Snook

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    Hello Lee,

    Yes Workshop4 works fine on Windows 10. This message is likely due to you having an old version of WS4, then upgrading to Windows 10 and then trying to use Workshop4 after the upgrade?
    What version of WS4 are you running, or were you running (if you did an upgrade on that too)?
    There was a bug which was fixed 1 or 2 releases ago, which fixed this problem, however if you were not running a recent release prior to upgrading then you would see this message.

    The fix is a registry fix, and has been talked about on the forum
    You need to run Regedit, and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\4DLabs\Workshop and delete the entire Workshop folder/key
    Then either install WS4 using the latest installer or if you have done this already, just run WS4, and it should start up OK after that.

    Please answer the above, and then try this and see how you get on.



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      Downloaded latest version and reinstalled. Seems OK.
      Lee Snook


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        fixed it for me on build 17686.rs_prerelease.180603-1447 of windows 10 x64