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Centering Strings in Visi-Genie

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  • bernadette

    Thank you for your input, there is a function available in 4DGL for centering printed strings putstrCentred().
    But in order to do this in ViSi-genie you will need to use Magic codes.

    putstrCentred() prints a string centered at position x, y on the display.
    The string constants and data statement pointers are byte aligned.

    I have attached a sample code for reference. I hope it helps.

    Best regard,
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  • m0w1337

    this should definitely considered as feature request, as even my rudimentary e-paper graphics driver written for an 8-bit microcontroller was capable of that.
    And centering with spaces is highly inaccurate and font dependent.
    This is really an easy thing to implement

    I personally would love to see this working in future releases.


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  • ESPsupport
    Yes, you will need to put spaces at the front. As per the manual, alignment only applies to static strings.

    Normally, two spaces = 1 'number'

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  • geometrix
    started a topic Centering Strings in Visi-Genie

    Centering Strings in Visi-Genie

    Hey Everybody,

    I have several strings on one of my forms. I use the Write String (ASCII) Message command to do this. Even though the text is centered in my Visi-Genie design, when the characters appear on screen, they are not centered.

    In creating the strings in Visi-Genie, I created strings that are ONE character and centered. For instance, I want one of the strings to provide cost info like $1, $23, $147. I want the dollar amount centered regardless of the number of characters. Since I know that the longest string will be 4 characters (no costs greater than $100), I could probably add concatenate some spaces at the beginning and end depending on the cost. Any suggestions????