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  • using file_Run


    I'm using a uLCD-32PTU screen and programming on the Visi environment. I have multiple appications with different forms which I am switching between using the "file_Run" command.
    In some instances when I am sending an argument list, the program restarts. I have noticed if I send a "0" instead indicating no argument list, its changes to the next app.

    Please can you help me rectify this, as I am currently just making the operation work without sending an argument list. It would help immensely if i could send my variable to the next form.

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    Can you show how you have the argument list set up and how the 'Run' program receives the arguments?


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      var formchooser[2];




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        That looks correct.

        Try putting print and pause statements in various places to work out the exact line causing the problem. Also print mem_Heap() to ensure you aren't running out of memory.

        If you still can't work it out try creating a small program that demonstrates the issue and post it here, or email it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au if it can't be posted


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          HI Mark

          thank you for your help with that issue. I haven't resolved it, but i have made amendments to my code, such that from the main application, it chooses between App 1 or App 2 and runs till it is switched off, without returning to the main application.

          Now I am having a RAM issue. The GUI on a form is not displaying.

          I have done some testing and reading and found that it is that the 'hndl' does not have enough memory to do the 'file_LoadImageControl" command. Am I correct in making this deduction?

          I have used mem_Heap() to check on the Ram status and found it to be mem_Heap: 2344 when the GUI is not loaded
          If i comment out lines of my code, like some background functionality, serial outs and calculations i find that the GUI does load and the RAM drops to mem_Heap:644.

          I am Running all the applications from FLASH in project/Destination and using the "#MODE RUNFLASH" command.

          can you please confirm that I am indeed on the right track in determining that I am running out of Ram?
          and please provide me with a workable solution if you can.

          thank you


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            That sure looks like what's going on.

            If the handle returned from the open is 0 and the files definitely exist, and/or if the handle is not 0 when you have more heap available before the open that sort of proves that's the issue.

            Do you need any help working out where all the RAM has gone?