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Using button event to access a secondary (or terciary) form

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  • Using button event to access a secondary (or terciary) form

    Since the help is extremely vague (or I am less intelligent than I believe) I can't seem to find a way to create an event where, if I were to push a button, it would access a secondary form that would then display another menu with options. If anyone knows how to do this or where I can find the information please help. TYIA

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    App note shows how to add magic events.

    After you have added the event, add the button.

    Then click on the 'Events' Tab, click on the ellipsis(...) for the on changed event, click on 'MagicEvent0', the OK


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      Marks suggestion is if you are using ViSi-Genie with Workshop4 Pro, so have access to Magic events.
      If you don't then Magic events are not relevant for you.

      What Host are you using?
      There are a couple of approaches.

      With ViSi-Genie, you set your button to have an event that does a Reported Message. That reported message is picked up on your host, and the host can then tell the display to change form, and anything else you need it to do after that.
      Or, with ViSi-Genie you can select the button to change form for you using the appropriate change form option under the Events tab. It will then change the form for you without having to involve the host at all.

      You need to provide some more information as to what approach you are needing. Do you want your host involved for this operation or do you want the display to simply change page itself after a button press?



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        Thank you for the ino.I seem to have figured it out, although not completely sure how. Changed the button from momentary to "NO" and things seemed to start working. Now just need to work on porting buttons to relay/serial commands.