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4 DPI 24 HAT + Pi Camera + KODI

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  • 4 DPI 24 HAT + Pi Camera + KODI

    Hi all

    Can you tell me if :
    - 4DPI 24 HAT screen is working on a PI 2 under KODI ?
    - 4DPI 24 HAT screen can show what a PI camera is lokking at ? Under wich OS ?
    I want to build a digital camera using the 4DPI 24 HAT. What da you think ? Is it possible ?


    To be honnest i always ask for questions that seem without any response. Don't know why !



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    Hello Jean

    We have never used KODI. Please pass a link to the download you are using, and we can give it a try.

    the 4DPi-24-HAT will show what the OS would normally show, but at 320x240 pixels. So if you have your Pi Camera running and displaying something on a normal HDMI output, then in theory it should be able to be displays on the 4DPi also, provided the resolution is not a problem. Not something we have ever done ourselves though, no unsure how it will work out.

    If you ask questions which are 'outside the box' then obviously its harder for us to respond to give you a definitive answer, as we would need to either test before we reply, or get hardware (such as a Pi Camera, which we don't use as we don't have every possible piece of hardware obviously). And us buying every possible hardware option that our customers use, is just not feasible.