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uOled-96-G2 current consumption

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  • uOled-96-G2 current consumption

    From the data sheet I read the current consumption should be 500 uA at 5V and contrast = 0. I still measure around 30 mA in this situation. I issued the contrast = 0 command and the screen is indeed black. What could be wrong? (SD card inserted, miniature speaker connected)

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    There's a bit more to it than that.

    Without a uSD, but with Contrast(0) and code still running the minimum power is ~10ma, so for your case I'd say ~20ma is going on the uSD card.

    To fully put the chip to sleep you need to also use the ProgramExit() function (as per the Programmers Reference), on my display that lowers power to ~220ua.

    You will need to rest the chip to bring it back to life.


    • #3 mentions this command, but that is all it does without giving the commands or syntax. It would appear that this Program(Exit) command can not be issued with a serial command.
      In such case I think the data sheet should mention this. 500 uA conditions are stated as 5V and contrast = 0, but there are more requirements which should be stated.
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        You can download it from the Workshop product page.

        But if you have workshop installed it will be already there in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Manuals folder.

        If you type
        ProgramExit() ;
        into your project, place the cursor under it and press F1 it will open the manual at the appropriate page.