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  • Bring Object to Front

    Hello, I am having an issue with StaticText boxes overlapping my Labels when I upload them to the LCD touchscreen. The setting for the static text say "Yes" for transparent however it still covers up objects. Is there a way to send objects to back or bring to front of the form kind of like in layers?

    Here you can see what it looks like in Visi Genie:
    and here is what it looks like when uploaded to the LCD:


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    As per the manual, there is no Z order, everything is drawn on the background in a specific, non alterable, order.

    So, you should just ensure that things don't overlap.

    Why not reduce the height of the 'You are cooking' so there's no overlap?


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      Can anyone tell me if this answer still holds true in the latest version of the 4D workshop? Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but it's my exact question and since it's been 4 years I'm hoping this might have changed. TIA.


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        This would still hold true, so make sure your widgets don't overlap.
        Or you can do some visual techniques in ViSi Genie depending on your application
        like manually showing each widget in order or using clip regions using ViSi genie magic (available on Workshop4 PRO version):

        Toggling objects in ViSi genie
        Using Clip region to draw overlapping widgets:

        Best regards,