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uUSB-PA5 crashing Windows 8 (and 10)

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  • uUSB-PA5 crashing Windows 8 (and 10)

    So I had to upgrade my PC to Windows 10, previous laptop of 9 years just needed to be put down. That being said, I installed the 4D VisiGenie Environment, then went to install the drivers for the uUSB-PA5.
    First off, the WHQL "Certified" FTDI driver had problems installing normally so I had to do it again in Compatability Mode.
    Once it seemed the driver was installed, I go to plug in the uUSB-PA5 to my normal micro-usb cable...The instant that red LED flashed on the device, I get Microsoft's new blue-screen-of-death and the computer reboots. It did this on both Windows 8.1, which came with the computer, and Windows 10 - to which I upgraded to see if that would help.

    Has anyone encountered this same or similar issue? If so, how do I resolve it?

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    That seems very odd that the driver is not WHQL certified.

    Please download and install the correct driver from here

    2.12.12 is the version I have (win 8.1), it is also the version some of us have on Win10, and we have not had any issues.

    Not sure exactly why you are having problems.


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      I downloaded that one, the Windows 2.12.12, the executable version in fact. It is listed as WHQL certified, but for whatever reason, when I plug the uUSB-PA5 in, the computer restarts. I'll a re-install of the driver and if the same thing happens, I'll try to take a quick video so you can see what I'm talking about.