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uLCD-43PT Setting Baud Rate higher than 115200 with raspberry pi B Model

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  • uLCD-43PT Setting Baud Rate higher than 115200 with raspberry pi B Model


    I am trying to set the baud rate higher to speed up the file_write process (I am sending a full image over serial and am trying to make the process quicker) Instead of diving into the linux library and making changes I figured setting the baud rate higher could do the trick.

    I am using the picaso linux serial library on git (latest) and whenever i set the baud to 230400

    I get an error byte of 0xFF. I set the default to 200k in the 4d workshop but there are not any other defaults.

    I tried messing with the baud rate using this example and setting it to 230400 ( and it seems to be sending and recieving data ALRIGHT. Curious what the error code is, if its 4d related or something on my end and if any direction for setting the baud rate higher.


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    When you set the serial baud rate to 200k, you should set the baud rate in the Pi 200893 (then again if it is working, but all means ignore this)

    a 0xFF would generally indicate a baud rate error of some kind, but there were reports of Pis sending and or receiving 0xFF as the first byte after 'setup', so you may be able to ignore, or work around it if the display also gets a 0xFF after 'setup'.


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      But the serial linux library only allows the following baud rates to be set:
      case 57600 : baudr = B57600; break;
      case 115200 : baudr = B115200; break;
      case 230400 : baudr = B230400; break;
      case 460800 : baudr = B460800; break;

      So I am not certain what you mean by "should set the baud rate in the Pi 200893 "



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        I am not familiar with the code, but if it is based on the source that I think it is based on that is the code that changes the current 'running' baud rate.

        What I am suggesting is that you change the initial baud rate in Serial, that way you set the initial baud rate to that in the Pi and hence that code is not used.


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          I see, so dont even use the OpenComm call, but just set the baud rate myself using the code snippet i linked in the first post.



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            Hi Marclave,

            I added the 200K baud rate on this version. Build and install the files following the 'How To' text guide.
            To use opencomm() with the 200K baud:

            OpenComm(PORTNAME, 200000);

            Please report back your results.

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              Works great! thanks!