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apt-get upgrade broke the 4DPI-24-HAT

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  • apt-get upgrade broke the 4DPI-24-HAT

    I made the fatal mistake of fixing something that is not broken. I was installing wicd and the instructions suggested upgrading. The "upgrade" switched me from wheezy to jessie. I stayed with whezzy for a reason and was surprised when I am now on jessie. That is OK, but the version is newer that the current driver tar ball. The tar ball extracts the drivers to /lib/modules/4.1.10-v7+ and the upgrade created directory /lib/modules/4.1.13-v7. So the question is is there 4.1.13 tar ball, yet? I can't use 4.1.10 drivers because the kernel rev embedded in the drivers is checked when modules load.

    name -r

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    Hi, previous 4.1.10 kernel is most probably still in your /boot directory. So if kernel7_hat.img is still there (ls /boot), adding this line to the end of /boot/config.txt:


    should make RPi2 load the 4.1.10 kernel and modules. Jessie should run perfectly well with the 4.1.10 kernel...

    Since /boot is on a FAT partition, you can also insert the SD card in a SD card reader and fix the problem from Windows.


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      I only had the wheezy drivers so I un-tarred the 4.1.10 and that worked. I forgot the tar ball included the kernel so gave up on it. Thanks