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microVGA640 and 22" LCD monitor connection

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  • microVGA640 and 22" LCD monitor connection

    I connect uVGA640 module to 22" lcd monitor. But there is a problem. VGA module output is 640x480 pixel, but lcd detects it 800x600. So that reason uVGA's display area is verry smaller than lcd display area. How can i switch lcd 640x480.


    Note:Sorry to my poor English

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    This sounds like there may be a problem with your LCD. The LCD may not be capable of displaying less than 800x600

    What happens if you set your computer to 640x480 and plug it into your LCD? (If your computer does not display 640x480 as an available mode, from 'Display Properties', 'Settings' click 'Advanced', 'Adapter', 'List all modes' and set 640x480 from there)

    Does it display as 640x480 or 800x600?

    If it displays as 800x600 then either a) Your LCD cannot do 640x480, or b) you need to manually adjust it (check your LCD's manual)

    If it does display as 640x480 then we will have to try and tweak the uVGA640 settings. I don't know how to do that, or even if it is possible, but it is unlikely to be this, so please try the other options first.


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      I know this is a old thread, but I was wondering if you found a fix to this, or just how well it worked.