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  • Visi-Geni Form Animation

    Hello, I have been using Picaso displays in our devices with serial environment, and I'm changing now for diablo16. I intend to use the visi-Genie this time, which is way faster to create UI.
    I know there are no animation integrated, but do you think it would be possible via the magic events to insert 4DGL code that would do it. For example, having two pictures on the µsd card, and using a buffer on the display to do the transition. An horizontal transition would simply be shifting data in the buffer and displaying this buffer every shitf.
    How fast could the diablo16 handle it? Has anyone tried anything like that?
    Or maybe there is a clever way?
    Thanks for your input.

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    There is no 'buffer' on the display of the size I think you are looking for.

    You can do animations straight off uSD using videos

    But I wonder, if you really 'just' want to do an animation.

    Perhaps try doing what you are after using Serial, or maybe the videoplayer ViSi Genie sample.

    Another thing to try is Designer and some of the graphics 'copy' operations that only exist in Diablo.

    Also, what display are you looking at using and what size are you looking for for the animation.


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      Hi Mark,

      I just saw that the diablo has 32k of ram. Not possible then, for a 320x240 display I would need 230k in RGB8. I'm not sure either that the video player is what I need.
      For example, let's say that I have a form1 and a form2 with different widgets. I would like for an horizontal swipe transition, that the form1 slides to the side being replaced by the form2. I think I misused the word animation, my bad, I meant transition.
      I will look into this 'copy' operation you're talking about. The skin of the application is globally the same, only the widgets inside are changing, I could precompute all transition in a gif format, and load them when necessary. Although, having multiple tabs, I would need to do all possibilities, because the user can jump from any tab to any other tab, back and forth.
      I'll keep searching for a suitable workaround.
      Thank you,


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        Yes, creating transition animations using gifs is the way to go. That's what you see happening in the videos of the 'clever' display implementations.


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          I am currently programming a Diablo16 gen4-uLCD-43DT display using the ViSi-Genie .

          I want to use a .gif file to run an animation, but after inserting it, the .gif will only run once, before requiring a button press to run it again.
          I need this .gif to run forever, as long as the display is on, without requiring manual effort. How should I be able to run the .gif forever?

          Thank you!



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            Hello James,

            To be able to play the .gif continuously, you will have to add some code routines to do playback. You might want to do this in the ViSi environment where you will have to manually code playback of images. If you want to stay in the ViSi-genie environment you might as well use Magic codes to do this (This would require Pro version of the Workshop4 IDE).

            You can check this forum thread for reference:

            Best Regards,