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Kudos, and one suggestion re setup documents for 2.4' LCD

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  • Kudos, and one suggestion re setup documents for 2.4' LCD

    First off, having evaluated a LOT of smaller LCDs for volume purchase my team gives your extremely high marks for ease of installation. Nice to read such clear, concise documentation.

    Just a couple of things we thought you may wish to add to your docs, which apply mostly to folks developing apps NOT on the "X" environment:

    1) since the device name of the touchscreen can change as you add or remove various other input devices, it is fairly standard to document how to consistently point the symlink /dev/input/touchscreen to the touchscreen, regardless of whether it happens to be assigned to event0, event1, etc

    That is easily accomplished by the following:

    sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/95-ar1020.rules
    then add the single line of text:
    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="AR1020 Touchscreen", ENV{DEVNAME}=="*event*", SYMLINK+="input/touchscreen"
    (then reboot)

    2) Similarly, your docs do not describe how to run the non-X touchscreen calibration:

    sudo TSLIB_FBDEVICE=/dev/fb1 TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/touchscreen ts_calibrate
    which will write the calibration results to:

    (requires installation if not already present via) sudo apt-get install evtest tslib libts-bin
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