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GC encountered a problem

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  • GC encountered a problem

    I am using GC on a notebook and a PC, both the machines using XP SP3.
    On the PC GC is working fine, but on the notebook GC encounters an error. (see attachment)

    The notebook is a Dell Latitude D531 with all the recent drivers, latest bios update.
    On both machines I have local admin rights.

    I tried the compatibility mode on GC to run in Windows 2000, 98 and even 95 without result.
    I also tried to let GC run in 256 colors and so on....

    It should work on both machines...
    Has anybody a good idea for me to try?

    Thanks in advance,


    Other things I tried:
    updated the graphical driver
    uninstalled SP3 and updates needed before SP3
    Tried other verions of GC
    removed all the registry parameters of GC
    right-click option "run as adminisrator"
    checked the log-messages in the Event viewer

    The most annoying thing is that I get no extra inf or a log-message or anything...

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    Have you .NET Framework installed on your laptop?
    You can download it for free at Microsoft website:

    Oscar G.
    4D Systems Software Engineering