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Digital dash conversion HELP needed!

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  • Digital dash conversion HELP needed!

    I am new to this forum and am not a programmer by any means, having said that I am looking for some help. I am in the process of building a show car out of an Infiniti G35 chassis. What I am looking to do is convert my analog dash to a new modern style that is more of a digital one that may integrate into an infotainment in the center dash like tesla. My first step is the dash conversion. What I was wondering was, is there someone in the forum you could recommend for me to approach/hire to help with the programming. I have the displays and am in the process of waiting for the nvidia card to show up. I just don't have the programming language expertise to integrate in the can bus or obd II port if that's where it is easier to pull data. On the visual side I do graphic design so I have no issues laying out the custom assets. Just need some guidance.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    if you have canbus on your vehicle, put the effort to decrypt and compare data on there and match against obd vales as well. Polling the obd for values constantly for guages is not good for a "permanent install" as the OBD cannot handle requests too fast unlike the canbus, also keep in mind, it is more TAXING on the OBD as soon as you PLUG IN a OBD scanner, if your already polling OBD for guages, you'll start to get missed messages or some not comming as often. I've decrypted all the canbus on my car and have no reason to poll the OBD so far, and even if I did, I'd rather access the OBD thru the canbus instead as the responses are more faster.


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      What method did you use to decrypt the canbus? Yours is a Subaru I believe?


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        Negative, its a civic 2007, you can cross reference ecu obd against can, but, sone are otherwise bitset in a given value on a can which makes debugging more longer to do, however, you can get alot of detail on the car's system that even the dash doesnt necessarily display, and things like drl, headlights, wiper speed, brake/gas pressed or not, and how far down as well, ive even pulled the coolant/fuel from the cluster, so no need to poll the obd ecu unnecessarily…


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          Im using canbus canshield on arduino mega2560, hardwired to 2 wires in back of obd connector, and outputting to the uLCD-70DT


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            Bill, probably already finished your project however since it is looks like the car is running a vq35 i would suggest a plugin vipec/link ecu and then use this to output CAN to your custom display via an arduino etc. This way you will not need to decode the canbus as pre-documented.
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