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uCam II - Requirements for longer cable

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  • uCam II - Requirements for longer cable


    Another quick question.

    I have the camera working perfectly. However, I have tried to connect the camera via a 1m cable and I get no sync. With the camera back on the breadboard it works fine.

    I have two questions:

    1 - What is the max length officially supported? Is 1m ok?

    2 - Do you recommend anything at the other end? For instance additional decoupling capacitors?

    Kind regards,

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    Check that the power supply is reliably going the distance.

    What speed are you using?

    At high speeds and unshielded wire 1m is definitely too far.

    But if you consider that the programming cable is 1m long and works just fine then you get the idea that it can be done with the right cable and decent shielding.

    Capacitance is one of the enemies of long runs of cable, don't add any extra.


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      I have been using 115.2k but can drop that easily enough as speed is not all that important in this project.

      Cables are not exactly my area of expertise. Realistically 1m is probably more than is required but I definitely need 30-45cm of slack to position the camera at a suitable point relative to the controller. The cable I was testing was probably not ideally suited to this - it's just what I had to hand (I used Cat5e). Would you recommend shielded multi-conductor cable for this purpose?


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        I would hope shielded multiconductor would be fine, perhaps individualt shields per conductor, if easily obtained.

        Hopefully both will be low capacitance.


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          Just in case anyone else comes across this in future.

          I used 4 core individually shielded audio cable with the following specification:

          Stranded cores:
          4 x 10/0.12mm
          Nominal conductor area:

          Nothing special - just some cable I picked up locally from a major UK high-street electronics company.

          I have used 1m of this with the shield earth bonded. No issues at all getting 115.2k with a 1m run.