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2 Half Gauges on uLCD-220RD

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  • 2 Half Gauges on uLCD-220RD


    I'm new at 4D Systems and before i will order some of the ulcd-220RD Displays, i will test something.

    Now I want to show 2 Half Gauges on one Display at same time... Look at Picture.

    My Problem is, that there no default half Gauges, so I test 2 Full Gauges to limit with Angle and AngleOffSet.
    But if i limit the height it automaticly limit the width.

    The Second Problem is, that i can't change the Back Color to Transparent. If where it Possible i would show to gauges superimposed

    I hope somebody can help me
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    You can't do half gauges like that, the best way to achieve this is to fully design the gauges yourself and use a userImages object to build them


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      Thanks for answer.. can u give me some example how can i do that?


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        There's an app note on user images here

        There's an example of creating a gauge using user images here

        You will need to so something similar but only using half the height and doing it twice, once for each gauge


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          i have read something now about userimage.
          Did u mean that im shout make for 180 Degree gauges 180 photos to get resolution for 1 degree per Image?
          So I send a ISP signal to show for 90 Degree the 90th Photo?

          Its possible to make the Pointer dynamically? Or can i rotate the pointer image?


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            well I guess with ImageMAgic, its easier to create images in 1 degree increments due to the way our demo script generated the numbers, but you could do it whatever degrees you want, you just needs to read up on imagemagic and make a script to suit.

            But yes, if you sends a 0, it would show the image indexed as 0, and likewise sending 90 will result in the 90th image. so if you have it as 1 degree increments, then 90 will be 90 degrees from the starting image.


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              Sorry to Lazarus this thread, but beats similar problem.

              I understand above workflow, -BUT- I hit a snag.. if I want a Speedometer with needle from 0-280, and INSIDE the body of it I also want a lean angle needle with needle in a smaller radius, I have 280 * 90 possible iterations of a given image.. now if I add a status led for gps signal this becomes 280*90*2, and how about adding a temp digit readout 0-110. etc etc.. Id have to add a 4TB hardrive to the display and a script as long as my arm..

              Is there any way to fix the flickering when overlaying widgets overlap each other, or even just actually on top of each other standard visiegenie interface

              [edit] I enabled the trial of PRO editor to play with smart widgets, confirm same problem, the ide gives a warning that my guage featuring just two needles (-90-90 and 0-280) will clock in at 2.7gb..
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                ok, nm, self resolved, by drawing the graphics background in display compatible segments (ie 220x110) for half, or 110x110 for quaters then creating smart widgets per quadrant/half this can be overcome. just a quick knockup of two halfs, but ill redraw properly for top half speedo, bottom left quad for lean angle and remainder quad for other regular info updates.

                Next question , in the trial fo pro version there is no "smartguage" only buttons and sliders, which I presume means callign what I just made is pointless? Click image for larger version

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                  Your multi gauge looks great and that is the right approach.When you say there is no Smart gauge, do you mean there is no Smart wigets icon under the Widgets, Gauges Tab ?

                  Best regards



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                    Strange, i was just replying to this, and thought I better recheck, restarted software and voila, it was there... my bad.


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                      Thats great, what are the chances of that happening.



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                        man, no excuses, but.. my brain looks and feels like my desktop, im between jobs for 2 weeks and have a laundry list of side projects I want to finish up over various platforms, its also the reason I haven't spent much time trying to figure the idiosyncrasies of the 4d language, too busy screaming at my pc about why the hell ms make it ToString and google made it toString...

                        in other news I hit the two closest jaycars an bought out their shelf stock, 69 AUD for the complete starter kit on the 220rd, your website price is 89USD? , they must have been struggling to move it? Anyhow picked up few hundred dollars worth, including all their floor stock on the picaso 32ptu models, will keep me out of the ball n chain's hair for a while.. Click image for larger version

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ID:	63543 , will keep me busy for a while