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  • Workshop4 using external Editor

    I'm working now for about 3 month with a ulcd-43 DT Display and ViSi with the WS4. After years of experience with microchip's MPLAB IDE where I use a external editor with split window, column select and many more features, it is hard to get used to the actual WS4. My question and strong wish: Would it be possible to extend the WS4 with the possibility to use an external editor. That means the moment the file is saved by the editor, the same file opened in WS4 is automatically reloaded and updated to the same state. I think it wouldn't be a great thing to change in WS4, because when one closes the file in WS4 (changes were made in the external editor) the message box appears "Date/Time has changed, Reload?" So far it works but it is not the idea to close the file every time and reopen it again.
    I would appreciate this add on to WS 4 very much. Your Displays are just great, things I was looking for for a long time, congratulations !

    Thank you for your help

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    This issue with using external editors is that the windows code that detects changes in files has this odd bug that only turns up occasionally About 1 in 100, or a bit less.

    I'm sure you've experienced it, you are sure you changed something, you think you are going mad, eventually after exiting everything and restarting everything it all works well again.

    Workshop checks the timestamp on the file at certain points,unfortunately the one you are seeing is nqr.

    If you have Multiple files open, use Ctrl-Tab to shift to the next one, the timestamp will be checked for the file you are 'moving to' and you will be prompted to reload it.

    We have philosophical reasons against reloading the file without asking the question.

    Have you used code folding and/or bookmarks to reduce the desire for 'split windows'?


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      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the answer, yes I use code folding. the advantage of split window is for copy paste: e.g. some code pcs in a function far away from the one you are working, one can split the window and unfold the source func, copy the desired part and paste it in the lower func which is in the lower window part.