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    I've noticed on your forums for the most part, you speak about putting the contrast at 0 for the display to turn it off, however, an issue is the touch screen is still active and what happens is when the contrast comes back on (via programatically with arduino) you may or may have not touched a button on the screen, what I did was I do use the contrast = 0 to turn off the screen but also load up a blank form with a black image button covering the whole form, for my case since im using an arduino, as soon as the "button" (the size of the entire screen basically) is pressed, the event fires to arduino to return the contrast to normal as well as switch the form to main page

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    as an alternative solution to this, can one just hold the reset line via microcontroller in sleep mode and when the controller is activated it releases the reset pin?
    is there any side effects of holding the reset line for extended periods? One can load up a function to refresh the screen settings just like a power cycle does.


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      I thought you put the 'large button' there to enable touch when the backlight is off. Of course you can do the reverse and have a form with not buttons on it.

      Yes, you can also hold the display in reset 'forever'