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    tackling a canbus streaming with arduino mega 2560 and civic, these are random values generated and simulated like the data in the car, i will be adding obd support later on, so far i can start and stop the stream if needed to sniff the traffic (switches, radio controls, etc) on the ecu network,

    This is good so you don't have to poll the OBD port which scan tools use, the OBD can't handle many requests, however, the canbus network is 500kbits and streams data realtime that doesnt strain the obd network, for example, for those of you with RPM shift lights or want to get the VSS speed (FROM THE GAUGE ITSELF) because many cars VSS obd does not match the guage due to calibration differences, and you'd rather have the value of the actual gauge to cast to your project, or check the fuel level or coolant temperature. The data is there, so sniff it out with a monitor like this, an arduino (mega preferably) and a canbus shield. If i get any more ideas ill just add them to the page, perhaps, if the 4d supports sending strings back, I could always implement replay attacks, when i get down to the obd part it'll show engine Pxxx diagnostics, possibility to reset CEL, and check any valid value PID request you make.
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