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  • Weather Station Display Questions

    Hi All, I recently discovered your products and I'm interested in integrating one of your displays in a weather station project. I have some questions that you can hopefully answer and steer me in the right direction. My weather station uses Arduino to do data acquisition from sensors and will make this available via TI CC3000 WiFi chip and the aREST library (CC3300 acting as a web server). I have a Raspberry Pi 3 that will be connected to the 4D Display and act as the web client pulling data from the CC3000 and then passing the data to the display. I chose the Raspberry Pi because it will allow me to pull other data from the web via API such as astronomical info, alerts and animated GIF radar images. Here are my questions:

    1. I want the largest, highest quality display I can get that supports the Raspberry PI, this seems to be the SK-70DT-Pi, is this the case? It doesn't appear to be offered in a capacitive touch version, are there any plans to do so or new products in this size? Are these in any way lesser displays than the "Intelligent" displays you offer?

    2. I want to be able to push downloaded, animated GIF radar images from the Raspberry Pi to the display on demand (and delete them when they are out of date), is this possible over the serial or other connection?

    3. Your gauge widgets in ViSi - Genie don't seem to have a 360 degree option for creating a wind vane indicator, is there a way to make the arc display 360 degrees and mod it to appropriately display wind direction? Is that something I can create if it doesn't exist, if so, how does one build new gauges? Does the Pro version offer additional gauges?

    4. For displaying reported values numerically, can I just pick a font I like, superimpose it over a background image and have it change dynamically as the data changes?

    6. Is there any noticeable delay, blips or other artifacts when the display is updating?

    7. Do you have a display stand for the 70DT? I see a bezel but no stand.

    That's it for now. Appreciate whatever helpful feedback you can provide. Thanks,
    Black Ice

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    Hello Black Ice,

    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    1) Well the question is, do you want a primary display for the Rapsberry Pi, or do you want a Secondary Display. Primary being it displays the GUI and your mouse cursor and terminal outputs of Raspbian etc. Secondary being a display which you can program to do your own custom GUI and get data from the Raspberry PI, which talk to the Workshop4 IDE etc. I believe the latter is what you are wanting. If the former, then we have 2.4", 3.2" and 3.5" primary displays available. Larger ones coming in the near future. If the latter, then yes the 7" is our largest secondary display for the Raspberry PI, and also have 4.3" and smaller. Whole new range of products coming in the next few weeks, which will be announced, including capacitive touch options in more sizes.

    2) Yes this should be possible to do on the secondary displays

    3) Yes you can create something like that with User Images, have a look here for some inspiration:
    That is of a gauge, but the same concept can be applied to anything else, and 360 is possible yes.

    4) yes

    6) depends how you program the display, what widgets you use, etc. Its possible to achieve a pretty seamless interface though if you do it right.

    7) I dont believe so. I know one was designed, but I am not sure if it ever made it out of prototype, let along production.

    I hope that helps