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LCD-144-G2 becomes unresponsive....

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  • LCD-144-G2 becomes unresponsive....

    Hi All,

    I'm working on a project that uses the uLCD-144-G2 display module. I'm using a very simple interface to a PIC microprocessor, and I'm able to successfully write content to the display. My problem is that after a while the display becomes unresponsive, and requires a power cycle to start working again. I'm powering the device with +5V on pin 1, and sending ASCII text strings to the module on pin 5 at 9600 baud. Pin 9, Reset*, is being pulled high. Pins 7 and 8 are both grounded. When the module boots, it displays the following version info: "SPE2 Rev. 1.2" and "PmmC 2.5".

    Any ideas why I'm having this issue?



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    Are you waiting for the ACK before sending the next command?

    What is the length of the longest string you send to the display?


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      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply!

      Actually, I'm I/O limited with this design, so I'm not reading any data sent back from the uLCD-144-G2. Rather, I'm waiting a fixed time delay of 100mS after each command/data is sent. All of my strings are quite short, at most 20 characters or so....

      Based on your feedback I took another look at the code, and found a couple places where it was possible to skip the delay in certain situations. I also cleaned up a number of my display routines to eliminate the transmission of text attribute, size and color commands when these values hadn't changed since the last update. Hopefully these changes will solve my issue! The display has been running for several hours now with no issue!

      Again, thanks for your feedback, and pointing me in the right direction!