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Using goldelox processor with 4.3inch display

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  • Using goldelox processor with 4.3inch display

    We have stock of a particular display(WF43CTIFED0#) that we would like to use in conjunction with your 4D Systems GOLDELOX Embedded Graphics Processor. The controller used on the display is a SSD1963 configured in the 8 bit interace. Is this possible?

    I noticed that on the older software there was a tool called DISP( that was used to configure the LCD settings into the GOLDELOX.
    How is this done with the new Workshop 4 IDE or is there a standard Pmmc that I could use?


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    Goldelox cannot address a display with X or Y more than 256 pixels.

    DISP is for the superseded SGC PmmCs, it will not work with current PmmCs.

    Ideally, for such a large display you would use a 16 bit interface.

    Either Picaso or Diablo would be able to interface, but would need to have a custom driver written for it, which would involve NRE charges (contact sales).

    Really, it would be better to use one of our 4.3" displays and forget your stock, unless, of course, we are talking thousands.