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C++ library 4D systems touch screen for Eclipse C++

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  • C++ library 4D systems touch screen for Eclipse C++

    Hello guys,
    I'm working on a project which includes some components among which a touch screen for 4D Systems (uLCD-35DT). Previously, I was working on Arduino platform with the genieArduino library to drive my screen. But in case of lack of resources, I change to another platform (Intel Edison) with Eclipse C++ IDE. But the problem is that the library I used to control the touch screen is not working with this C++ IDE. Does anyone know which c++ library can I use to drive my touchscreen? Or how can I modify the genieArduino lib to be adapt to my C++ environment?
    Thank you in advance.


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    You seem to have posted this same question 3 times in different areas of the forum. Please don't do that, it wont be answered any faster. Your other questions have been deleted.

    Regarding genieArduino, I don't believe its ever been tested with the Intel Edison to be honest. It certainly doesn't claim compatibility, however I would imagine it wouldn't take much if the Edison is compatible with the Arduino.

    What about it is not working exactly? What is it doing or showing when you try and use it?