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    I have a question ,on modify the folders destination.

    By default the library file come in c:/ in my documents .

    I would like to change this destination manually .

    In "my documents" ,i put here my project in progress or file in progress, but no system or program files .

    I have not found the setting of destination folder in Workshop IDE.

    How can do it ?


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    Do you mean the destination of the build process? That is always the project folder, it doesn't really make sense to be able to alter that as you could easily lose track of the 'current version' if you did.

    If that's not what you are talking about please explain further.

    Perhaps also explain why you think this needs altering.


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      hello ,

      When I insttaled Workshop IDE ,i have changed the destination file to d/ hardisk ,

      But library ( i think that is the library file), was been insttal in another destination .

      In : C/ hardisk > pubic user > my document > 4D labs .

      I say : I just want to have all my files library too in d/ hardisk .

      I would like to have all my file in the same place ,in occurence in d/ hardisk .
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        it's usually the last folder you saved your project to. changing the folder when saving becomes your new destination afterwards.


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          save your project to D: hard disk, the next time you open or save it should be that same folder that appars..


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            You mean you want
            In : C/ hardisk > pubic user > my document > 4D labs .
            to be on 'd/ hardisk'? (sorry I'm not familar with the terminology you are using)

            That can't be changed as it is 'decided' by Windows.

            If you can figure out how to get Windows to 'move' the c:\users folder to another hard drive then that is where it will install.

            If you try moving it manually, then Windows and Workshop will never be able to find the files


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              "to be on 'd/ hardisk'? (sorry I'm not familar with the terminology you are using)"

              > I have two harddisk on my computer the c:/ and d:/ ,I prefer let c/ for all Windows system, and use d:/ for my proper programs.

              "That can't be changed as it is 'decided' by Windows."

              > Thank you Windows ...

              "If you try moving it manually, then Windows and Workshop will never be able to find the files"

              I see it ,it's why I ask how I can set or configure Workshop IDE to find the new direction .

              I see a file called "4D labs " installed in "my documents" ,a program file, not a project file .

              Effectively ,when I change to a new place ,Workshop ,won't work .

              So ,ok ,now I will have a system file in my document ,and can't change it ,cause Windows say " That is like it,".

              I just thought 4D sytem ,could permit this modification of destination file ...
              Certain softwares permit it ...

              But at these post ,Workshop IDE ,no .


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                Sorry to burst your bubble, it's not workshop's fault, alot of programs do this, however, just save your project once, on your other drive, the next time you open or save it'll be at the same place. Again, this is window related and 4d systems cannot change how the operating system works, and they definately can't scan your hard drives and ask you specifically where to save your stuff.


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                  You can google up various ways of moving these folders, but they are all fraught with 'it might not work'.

                  Microsoft say this "Important These settings should be used only in a test environment. By changing the default location of the user profile directories or program data folders to a volume other than the System volume, you cannot service your Windows installation. Any updates, fixes, or service packs cannot be applied to the installation. Microsoft recommends that you do not change the location of the user profile directories or program data folders. This is especially true for Windows Store apps. Changing the location of %programdata% will cause errors when you install, uninstall, or update these apps. "


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                    As per James this article is for you:

                    In another case scenario, the ONLY way to not affect services, updates, patches etc to move the entire USER folder is ONLY DONE on a clean install, in AUDIT MODE. I've done this many times in the past for the Entire USER directory to be on a separate drive and everything works perfect.

                    The article is posted here:

                    Remember, this has to be a FRESH install in AUDIT MODE, not those websites that tell you to change registry entries and copy folders, those will almost certainly have issues later on.

                    You will need to prepare (and edit if you need to change the drive) an xml file for the system preparation tool, as per document above. That is the ONLY way for the proper functionality of the operating system. All future software that install will default there except the program files* folders. ProgramData and Users will be on your other drive.
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                      After reading your posts ...

                      Even if I will wish change these directories, at this level it is come out of my competence .

                      Or I would no ask this question here .

                      I will do with .

                      Many thanks for your replies .