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4dpi-32 Pi B+ Wrong resolution & not working

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  • 4dpi-32 Pi B+ Wrong resolution & not working

    Hello I have a problem with the 4Dpi-32 and the raspberry pi b+ you said it's compatible with the b+ but I have a different connector like in the manual?...
    But I tried and plugged in installed Jessy full installed the software package and "tar" it.
    Then I changed the kernel. Like it's in the manual.
    -> for Raspberry B+

    Then I plugged it in and started an the bootscreen is coming in wrong resolution.
    And after automatic login I can't see the desktop only black.

    What can I do?
    What did I do wrong?


    Meanwhile i am at this point (see picture) I got the tipp to use: (versuche mal folgendes: FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx).

    Now I see the Desktop but in wrong resolution.
    And I want to start at framebuffer 1h how can I do that?
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    if FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx works for you from command line, you can add

    sudo -u pi FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx

    to /etc/rc.local file (just before final exit 0). Resolution of 4DPi-32 is always 320x240 (looks correct on photos); font size, icon sizes, etc. can be adjusted, but resolution will always be the same.


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      Hi Eos,

      As Strancara said, the resolution shown in your photos is correct. I am not sure what you were expecting, but the 4DPi-32 is a 320x240 resolution device, and what you are seeing on the screen is 320x240...
      There are ways you can reduce the icon size etc if that is what you are wanting, however if you are expecting to see the same desktop as you would see on your HDMI monitor, then you are mistaken about what this product is.

      The reason why the connector is different to the B+ you have, is because the 4DPi-32 you have was designed for the first 'B' Raspberry Pi. The B+ introduced the longer header. Its still the same signals at one end, they have just added more signals and made the connector on the pi longer. What you have done is obviously correct, and plugged it onto the end, as you have a display working.
      The newer versions of the 4DPi-32 called the 4DPi-32-II as you can see from our website, has a longer connector, but the functionality is essentially the same. Its still the same 320x240 resolution as you are seeing in your photos.



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        Ok i now know its all good,
        But I had some problems and errors while doing the steps in the manual.

        i Cant so Start the GUI seen in the Produkt Video.

        Or ist that also all Right?...



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          Hi Eos,

          After installation of the package into the latest linux available. Simply using the the 'raspi-config' utility did the job.

          On terminal type in 'sudo raspi-config'.
          Navigate to Boot options >> B4 Desktop Auto Login.

          This should allow you to directly login to desktop.