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pi-24-hat help please

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  • pi-24-hat help please

    Hi there, I just bought a Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi-24-hat. Installed Rasbian, did apt-get update and upgrade, then followed the instructions here to the letter:

    The Pi won't boot up (no green LED activity), I just have the rainbow cube thing on the HDMI output. commenting out the
    kernel=kernel7_hat.img line on the SD card using my laptop gets it to work again.

    Have repeated the whole process a few times, but it's the same result.
    What have I done wrong and how do I fix it please?

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

    Can you please modify /boot/config.txt to a version that works with your Raspberry Pi. Share the /boot/config.txt file here and also the boot messages. In terminal please use this command ''dmesg > boot.txt".

    For the kernel modules below please make sure that the other is commented out when it does not match your current Raspberry Pi device.

    For RPi2

    For RP1



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      Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for the offer of assistance.. The problem in the end was a very simple and obvious one. I'd started off with a Pi 3 and then changed to a Pi 2 when I had trouble. Well, I thought it was a Pi 2 but it was actually a B+. When I enabled the kernel_hat.img instead, it started right up.

      What a great little display, I'm really happy now it's working!

      One question. I also have a piface relay plus plugged in. I had managed to get this working before trying the display, but after installing the pi-24-hat software, it looks like SPI isn't available. Does pi-24-hat take over the SPI, or is there a different way of enabling it on the kernel_hat.img ?
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