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  • Workshop4 Released


    A large update has just been rolled out for Workshop4, which incorporates our new gen4 range of display modules which will be on sale soon, along with a whole new Arduino section, which lets you write Arduino code directly in Workshop4, compile and upload to your Arduino too!

    Many bug fixed and improvements since the last stable release also,

    Here is a snippet from the Release Notes:

    Workshop 4 Change log
    Fixed Paste of strings containing cr/lf results in project that cannot be opened later.
    Changed location of 'hints' to always be to the lower right of the cursor
    Fixed Corrupted screen if opening Magic project from explorer and Magic not licensed.
    Fixed Form and Object names lost if Genie Magic code open and object inspector undocked and docked again.
    Fixed Sounds editor 'reorganising' the order of sounds on entry and during insert.
    Fixed Graphs not produced correctly if non-Solid patterned Lines, Triangles, Rectangles or Panels used
    Fixed Pasting text containing CR/LF into objects causes project to be unopenable later
    Fixed 'Save as Opens Both' option caues crash with certain file types
    Fixed Genie Magic not showing code editing buttons.
    Fixed Genie Spectrum displaying on 'all forms'
    Fixed I/O error 103 with very large font sizes.
    Fixed Vertical scales on other than first firm generated incorrectly
    Fixed Copy/Paste of Winbutton to different project with image loses image
    Fixed Custom digits not being generated properly when digits=10
    Fixed Colour picker allowing non numeric values to be entered causing crash
    Added Arduino generation from within Workshop for Goldelox, Picaso and Diablo Serial
    Added New Displays
    Added Diablo16 R19 PmmC with new functions

    Fixed Looping when certain accent characters are used in comments

    Changed Partitions are offset 8MB from start of uSD. This is required for Industrial cards with Read Disturb protection
    as the protection does not apply to the first 8MB.

    Added 74880 baud rate
    Added LF after CR option to add an LF when CR is pressed on the keyboard
    Fixed Cancel on 'Send Hex' was sending
    Available now, either upgrade from inside Workshop4, or download the new release from our website

    As usual, your help and support to track down bugs and issues is appreciated, if you notice a bug or a crash, please submit it using the IDE's bug sending feature so we can get it sorted ASAP.