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Screen capture - once again

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  • Screen capture - once again

    In a previous discussion on this topic, it was explained how to store screen shots on the uSD card.
    Now, is there any way to store a rectangular piece of the image currently displayed somewhere in the RAM, and then use it again?

    Suppose I have a lot of things on the screen - digital meters, graphics, etc. And I have a button which, upon touching, opens a context menu that covers (i.e. overwrites) a portion of everything else. For example - a half of a large text. Having chosen something from the menu, I need to close it - that is, to re-draw the portion of screen that had been there before the menu popped up.

    Of course, I can print that large text again, but other types of information might be more difficult to restore. Therefore, I would prefer a universal method that treats everything alike - a function that saves a portion of screen in the RAM, and re-draws it upon closing the menu.

    Is there a function that can do such thing?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Unless that part of the screen is tiny it wont fit in RAM.

    Use the uSD routine to save to uSD modifying the sizes to be the required screen area and then use file_Image() to restore it.


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      OK, thank you.